22nd May 2024

What are GPU and CPU?

The GPU, or Graphics Processing Unit, is a special processing unit on the motherboard or graphics card that is responsible for creating graphics. The graphics processing capability of this unit, which is found in computers, smartphones and game consoles, is very high. GPU units are integrated into the motherboard in most computers. Some special GPU units may not be integrated into the motherboard. These custom made GPU units are quite capable compared to the integrated ones.

Without this processor unit in graphics cards, whose task is only to process graphics and create images on the screen, we would not have magnificent images on our computers. The GPU processor unit, whose main task is to process graphics, sometimes supports the CPU (Central Process Unit).

CPU (Central Process Unit)
CPU (Central Process Unit)


What Are the Functions of the GPU?

The GPU is classified for rendering images, performing complex mathematical operations, and completing repetitive tasks, thanks to a large number of cores on it. It focuses only on this and performs these operations very quickly. If there is no GPU, there is no image on the screen. The CPU can actually process images, but because it has other tasks and the number of images it can render per second is lower than the GPU, it delegates this task to the GPU.

A separate GPU unit is a must-have for business computers with graphics processing and high-resolution games that require performance.

A high resolution and high FPS (Frame Per Second) image stream can only be rendered by an external graphics card and the GPU that handles it.

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Tasks of GPU;

  • Creating a 2D or 3D image.
  • To provide support for video equipment.
  • Ensuring that colours are supported.
  • Decoding motion pictures.
  • Supporting drawing and graphics programs.
  • Creating a polygon.
  • To provide image transfer to the external screen.

In short, GPU is a type of processor that creates images on our screen and works very fast, focused only on that job.

What is CPU?

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is called the central processing unit. It is the unit that takes over all the operations of our computers, manages and resolves them at a certain speed. The CPU is called the central processor. The CPU runs slower than the GPU because it handles all the computer’s operations.

All kinds of operations in very different categories, such as turning on and off the computer, running a program, and performing the task of hardware, are performed by the CPU.

It is located on the motherboard of our computer. The two most well-known CPU brands on the market are Intel and AMD. Both brands are classified according to the number of cores and bits, and their power increases according to these features. Apple’s “M1” processor came as a competitor to these processors. Apple still uses the Intel processor in its computers but has developed a new processor called the “M1” for its new models. This processor, which is very capable and very powerful, will take its place in the processor market in the future.

CPU (Central Processing Unit)
CPU (Central Processing Unit)


What are the Differences Between GPU and CPU?

  • CPU consumes more memory than GPU.
  • CPU is capable of handling serial instructions, GPU is better at handling parallel instructions.
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit) is slower than GPU.
  • While the number of cores can be as many as 10 in the CPU, there can be up to 40,000 cores in the GPU.
  • The CPU is focused on low latency while the GPU is focused on high throughput.
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