21st May 2024

What is Dark Web and Deep Web? What Are the Differences?

All of the internet users are faced with the Dark web concept in one way or another. The Deep web is known as the dark side of the internet where we conduct our daily online activities. The dark web actually constitutes a small part of the Deep web. Deep web and Dark web are often confused.

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web, which forms a part of the Deep Web, is known as the mysterious, unlimited access, deep internet. It is known that access is only possible with private browsers that are not indexed. Dark Web; It is the smallest part of the internet world (Surface Web, Deep Web, Dark Web) divided into 3 parts.

The Dark Web is a highly hidden part of the Deep Web that very few people can access. The Deep Web has a very mysterious feature. Because the Dark Web is not indexed to search engines, it cannot be found by Google and other popular browsers. Since there is no indexing, search tools cannot display results for pages on the Dark Web.

What is the Dark Web?
What is the Dark Web?


What is the Difference Between Deep Web and Dark Web?

The dark web is a part of the Deep web that is intentionally hidden from normal search engines. Google Deep web is “the part of the internet that is hidden and not shown from traditional search engines as with encryption; the sum of websites that have not been indexed. The dark web is only part of this total.

  • The deep web is the part of the internet that is known to be mysterious and dark. The dark web is a section within the Deep web, that is, it is a subset.
  • Special software or password is required to access the deep web, but a browser like Tor Browser is required to access the dark web.
  • You can access the deep web with a VPN, but there are many requirements to access the dark web.
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What is the Difference Between Deep Web and Dark Web?
What is the Difference Between Deep Web and Dark Web?


What’s in the Dark Web?

The deep web is aware of the fact that it contains many threats and malware. In the encrypted Dark web network, which contains a lot of illegal content, there are quite a lot of harmful events. You can only access websites on the dark web using the Tor browser. In addition, the domains of these sites have a special Top Level Domain Name (TLD) ‘.onion‘ extension, not frequently used extensions such as ‘.com‘.

  • Identity numbers, passwords, addresses obtained as a result of attacks on data
  • User activation information of paid or free platforms that require membership.
  • Illegal synthetic substances, prescription drugs, drugs, cyanide.
  • Fake documents, fake passports, diplomas, ID cards.
  • Services with abusive content.
  • Counterfeit, replica sales.
  • Sites that sell killers for hire and illegal weapons.
  • Various ransomware.
  • Programs that record your keystrokes, known as keyloggers.
  • There are many illegal contents such as secrets and documents alleged to belong to the states.
What's in the Dark Web?
What’s in the Dark Web?


How to Access the Dark Web?

In order to access the dark web, Tor(the onion router), which is usually created by the US Army as a browser to communicate anonymously, is used. The Tor browser allows you to be anonymous by hiding your IP address so that you cannot be tracked.

Before using Tor, you need to install and activate a reliable VPN program. Another process for your safety is to install a good antivirus program. In this regard, you should also use an e-mail address that you have created for this purpose in order to keep your Tor and operating system up-to-date and not to reveal your identity. Logging into the Dark Web can lead to unwanted and bad results for whatever purpose.

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Note: Many things are illegal on the dark web. The measures you take may not be enough for you to remain anonymous. Accessing the dark web may expose you to many risks and threats.

How to Access the Dark Web?
How to Access the Dark Web?


What are the Harms of Accessing the Dark Web?

Logging into the dark web does not constitute a direct legal offence. However, the activities carried out here may result in a criminal action. While you are spending time on the dark web, it is possible to put yourself in a difficult situation, even if you do not want to, users who log in to the dark web may experience various damages.

You may face threats, blackmail and bullying on platforms where you can become a member on the deep web. Regardless of your good intentions, malicious people can demand money from you. The activities and activities you perform on the dark web can be tracked. You may face lawsuits for your actions.

You should not click on suspicious links on the dark web. Clicking on these links may cause your information to be stolen and your computer to be infected by highly dangerous viruses. Another harm of being on the dark web is being hacked. As a result of this attack, your camera or microphone could be hacked. It may be a good solution to turn off your microphone and camera to avoid this situation.

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