20th June 2024

Malware Detected For Apple M1 Processor

The Apple M1 processor took its place in Macbooks introduced at the end of 2020. According to a report by Mac security researcher Patrick Wardle, malware previously running on x86-based devices has been recompiled by adapting it to the ARM-based Apple M1 processor.

Discovering that the malware is in the form of the Safari adware extension, Wardle stated that this software was the first known malware for the M1 chip. The fact that the software, which was first developed for the Intel x86 platform, also runs on the M1 chip shows that hackers are not idle.

The malicious extension is called “GoSearch22“. The software, first seen at the end of December, constantly adapts to the system in order not to be detected. In addition, this software is recognized as the oldest and most active adware of the Mac family. Gosearch22 monitors and collects users’ data. Then, using this data, the software, which constantly displays ads with pop-ups, appears as a Safari browser extension.

Malware Detected For Apple M1 Processor
Malware Detected For Apple M1 Processor

Malware has become a part of our lives. Hackers who want to capture our data capture our information by preparing malicious software. Apple MacOS operating system is seen as more secure than Windows. However, this does not mean that hackers will not attack MacOS-based devices.

Apple, by designing the ARM-based M1 processor in its recently introduced Mac devices, had a great impact in the technology world and opened the door to the new era.

Reference: gizmochina.com


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