17th June 2024

Adding Automatic Ads Below – Above – In and Next to Your WordPress Site – Ad Inserter

One of the biggest blessings and most beautiful features of using WordPress is that there are plugins that contain hundreds of functions. Here is one of the “Ad Inserter” which is a wordpress AdSense plugin. The “Ad Inserter” plugin includes most functions you can think of about wordpress ad placement.

Ad Inserter” Functions

“Ad Inserter” functions are as follows.

  • Adding Ads In The Middle Of The Post In WordPress.
  • Creating a Fixed Ad Space in the Text.
  • Adding Ads In WordPress Post.
  • Placing Adsense Ads After A Certain Word Number.
  • Adding Ads Under WordPress Post.
  • Adding Ads On WordPress Post.
  • Adding Ads Within The Text After A Specific Paragraph Number.
  • Hiding or Showing Ads on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.
  • Showing or Hiding Ads for Members.
  • How to Add Ads Just Before A WordPress Title.
  • Adding Ads Right After WordPress Header.

Ad Inserter WordPress Adsense Plugin

Ad Inserter Extension Installation

Search by typing “Ad Inserter” in the “Admin Panel > Plugins > Add New” tab in the add-on search section. Then the AdSense plugin will appear and click the “Install Now” button to install and activate the plugin.

Ad Inserter Plugins Installation
Ad Inserter Plugins Installation


Usage of Ad Inserter Plugin

Then, access the admin panel of the plugin from the “Settings> Ad Inserter” section. You will see a screen like a picture below. Each of the tabs progressing as 1,2,… above on this screen represents different potential ad spaces.

Usage of Ad Inserter Plugin
Usage of Ad Inserter Plugin


Block Name: In this section, we determine a name for the ad space you will create. If you are going to create a large number of ad spaces and place advertisements, it would be better to give names.

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Process PHP (Black Part): This is the ad placement area. You can add your AdSense ad code or the code of another ad company in this field.

Automatic Display Options

We choose the “insertion” option for insertion into the post. You can choose exactly where to add the Adsense ad here.

Automatic Display Options
Automatic Display Options


Before Content: You can choose the Before Content option for adding an ad on a WordPress post.

Before Paragraph: You can choose the Before Paragraph option for WordPress post ads.

After Paragraph: You can choose the After Paragraph option for adding ads into the WordPress post. You can do where to place the advertisement in detail as you can see in the picture below.

After Paragraph
After Paragraph


Before Content: You can choose the Before Content option to add an ad on a WordPress post.

After Content: You can choose the After Content option for adding ads under WordPress post.

The Before Excerpt and After Excerpt options are valid options for the summary part of the article. It is valid for the sections where a part of the article is presented, where there is a read more option on the main page, category or tag pages where your article is presented.


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