21st May 2024

What is Java? What is JDK, JRE And JVM?

Java was first designed in 1995 by James Gosling. It was also developed and launched by Sun microsystems. Originally developed for television, this programming language was found to be very advanced for the cable television industry of that time. Thereupon, Gosling redesigned Java with the C and C ++ language that system and application programmers would find familiar. Compared to other C and C ++ languages, it offered higher and more reliable software development. One of the reasons why Java has been the most preferred programming language since then is that Java has been attentive to these issues from the very beginning. This programming language, which brings solutions to the issues that software developers are most concerned about, continues to be popular.

Java is a computer programming language. It allows software developers to write computer commands with codes created by English-based words rather than numerical codes. Compared to numerical codes, these codes, which people can easily be familiar with, are easily learned to read and write. Like the grammar of a language, Java has its own spelling conventions. These rules are called syntax. When the software of the program is completed, what is written is translated into numerical codes, a language that the computer can understand and process.

What is Java?
What is Java?

What is JVM?

Java is a program that can run regardless of any computer architecture or platform. Java Virtual Machine called JVM: Java Virtual Machine provides this. Typical bytecode is used, which can be integrated into different platforms if desired. This code system that can be run in JVM is the codes used by Java. Thanks to its ability to be integrated into different programs, it does not create problems such as platform restrictions, it creates a freer usage area for its users.

Java’s motto is referred to as WORA (write once, run anywhere): write once, use anywhere. Thus, Java codes can be used on any platform that supports Java without the need for recompilation. For example, you can write and compile a Java program in UNIX, then use it in Microsoft Windows or Macintosh without changing anything.

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JVM Working Principle
JVM Working Principle

What is JRE?

JRE (Java Runtime Environment), on the other hand, provides libraries to the JVM with components that enable applications and applets to run in a java programming language. Compiled bytecodes do not run directly on the CPU. It interprets the JVM bytecodes in between as readable machine codes to be understood by the CPU. Actually; It is thanks to JRE that java bytecodes work on all platforms. Inside; JVM includes Core libraries, applications written in Java software, and other additional components for running small applications. The task of the JRE is to generate Java byte codes, which are accepted as an intermediate language after Java codes are compiled. These byte codes are the same for all operating systems.



What is JDK?

JDK (Java Development Kit) is a must-download component for any developer who wants to develop in java. In short, we can call it SDK (Software Development Kit) for java. It acts as both an interpreter and a compiler. It includes development tools such as debuggers and compilers, which are mandatory when developing applets and applications with JRE.

Then we can think as follows

JRE = JVM + Java Libraries
JDK = JRE + Compiler + debugger

What is Java SE (Standard Edition)?

This is the core Java programming platform. It contains all the libraries and APIs that any Java programmer should learn (Java.lang, Java.io, Java.math, Java.net, Java.util, etc.).

What is Java EE (Enterprise Edition)?

The Java platform (Enterprise Edition) is different from the Java Application Edition (Java SE); Adds libraries that provide fault-tolerant, distributed, multi-layered Java software distribution functionality based largely on modular components running on an application server.

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In other words, if your application requires a very large-scale, distributed system, you should consider using Java EE. Provides libraries for database access (JDBC, JPA), remote method invocation (RMI), messaging (JMS), web services, XML processing and standard APIs, built on Java SE Enterprise JavaBeans, server applications, portlets, Java Server Pages etc. to …

What is Java ME (Micro Edition)?

It is a platform used to develop applications for embedded systems such as mobile devices and set-top boxes. Java ME provides a subset of Java SE’s functionality, but also offers mobile-specific libraries. Because Java ME is based on a previous version of Java SE, some of the new language features introduced in Java 1.5 (eg generics) are not available. If you are new to Java, you can definitely start with Java SE.

Why Java is Preferred

It is known that there are about 9 million Java developers. So what makes Java so preferred?

  • C and C ++ used by the Java programming language is a powerful and reliable language. It provides high performance and easy use to its users.
  • The fact that it is an object-oriented programming language ensures that the errors that occur in the program are minimized. Java, which is very successful in finding serious errors that we can call fatal for a written program, has already taken care of minor errors.
  • One of the most important features of Java is that it is equipped with a high-level security network. Java deserves to be one of the most preferred programming languages, which has managed to make a name for itself in security, which is the problem of developers and many people.
  • With its high performance and many practical features, Java enables its users to save labour and time. Users write less code, as the API provides every code the user needs. This saves time, which is important for everyone and increases the preferability of Java.
  • One of the biggest advantages of Java is that it can be written on any platform and then run on other virtual platforms without the need to recompile.
  • It is also an important point that the programs he created can work with web browsers and accessible web services.
  • The emergence of higher-level customized applications and services by combining applications and services provides a higher quality service.
  • It also provides solutions to many problems (such as an online forum, questionnaire and HTML forms) by developing server-side applications.
  • The ability to write highly efficient applications not only in computers but also in many electronic devices makes it one step further. Java programming language is used in cell phones, sensors, gateways and many other unimaginable electronic devices.
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Java and Its Importance

Java is a very simple programming language that can be learned easily. This language with high functionality offers every opportunity to its users and includes all the good features. Its use is possible in mobile phone, television, internet applications and many other areas that we cannot count. For this reason, the Java language has ceased to be a programming language and has managed to create a unique value.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, the importance given to computers is increasing. Professions related to computer, internet and electronics fields are becoming popular. Knowing Java is very important at this point and plays a critical role.

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