20th July 2024

How to Reset Forgotten Fortigate Firewall’s Password?

If you forgot the password of your Fortigate Firewall device, you need to restart the device to reset it. After restarting, you need to do the following screen within 15 seconds.

As the Fortigate Firewall password, it is necessary to add “bcpb” or “pbcpbn” to the beginning of the serial number on the back of your device.

Example: bcpbFG100D4G34928573

FG100D4G34928573 login# maintainer
Password: bcpbFG100D3G14821201

After this process, you can reassign the desired password to your device.

Resetting Fortigate Firewall’s Password

To reset the existing Fortigate Firewall’s password, do as in the example below after entering the “config” settings.

FG200B3909600196 # config system admin
FG200B3909600196  (admin)  # edit admin
FG200B3909600196  (admin)  # set password 123456
FG200B3909600196  (admin)  # end
FG200B3909600196  (admin)  # execute factoryreset
Resetting Fortigate Firewall's Password
Resetting Fortigate Firewall’s Password


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