18th September 2021

RAID levels

In the past, the storage space on computers was measured with Megabyte (MB), but is now measured by Terabyte (TB).  Nowadays, most of us don’t take backups, and as a result, we’re losing our data. When we think of this for companies, losing data is a big problem. Owing  to the  RAID( redundant array of independent disks) structure you can gain performance or you can create security to prevent data loss.

RAID levels

Raid 0

  • At least 2 discs are required.
  • Provides performance
  • Has no security.
raid 0

Raid 1

  • At least 2 discs are required.
  • The same data is written on all disks, so data is safely protected.
  • The capacity is limited to the minimum size of the disc.
raid 1

Raid 2

  • At least 14 disks are required.10 of them are used for data and 4 of them are used for ECC (Error Correction Control)
  • Raid 2 is not used today because Raid cards contain ECC.
raid 2

Raid 3

  • Access is very fast.
  • At least 3 discs are required.
  • No data loss.
  • Not used today.
raid 3

Raid 4

  •  It reads quickly during writing.
  • Write speed is reduced.
  • At least 3 disks required.
raid 4

Raid 5

  • All disks have both parity information and data information.
  • Data is written separated into pieces before being written to disk on the Raid cards.
  • At least 3 disks required.
  • Is most common used Raid level.
raid 5

Raid 6

  • The difference of Raid 6, which is almost the same as the Raid 5, requires at least 4 disks and creates 2 separate parity disks.
  • Writing speed is slower than Raid 5.
raid 6

Raid 0+1

  • It is combined of Raid 0 and Raid 1
  • Provides the best performance.
  • At least 4 disks required.
  • It is the most preferred level.
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raid 0+1

Raid 1+0

  • It is the combined of two Raid 1 in Raid 0.
  • At least 4 disks required.
  • Provides high performance.
raid 10

Raid 1+5

  • The safest level.
  • It is the combined of three Raid 1 in Raid 5
  • At least 6 disks required.
raid 15

Raid 5+0

  • Provides high performance.
  • Provides high security.
  • It is the combined of two Raid 5 in Raid 0.
raid 50


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