23rd May 2024

Photos of 6.8 Million Facebook Users Exposed by API Bug

The photos of 6.8 million users have seized third-party applications due to a bug in Facebook. According to Facebook, its internal team discovered a bug in the Photo API that impacted users who had utilized Facebook Login and allowed third-party apps to access their photos.

In 2018, social media giant Facebook, which has been involved in a lot of scandals and data breaches news, has again lost user information. According to the post posted on Facebook’s blog, the number of lucky (! ) this time can reach 6.8 million.

Although the company has fixed this bug, third-party application manufacturers have provided access to the visuals that affected users added to their marketplace or Facebook story between September 13th and 25th.

It also provided access to photos that were uploaded to open applications but not shared.



As usual, Facebook apologized, then said that they would be in contact with people who were likely to be affected by this problem.

Facebook managers explain the root of  the cause in Facebook’s photo API, a code error in the update

Under GDPR requirements, organizations have just 72 hours to gather all related information and report data breaches to the relevant regulator.




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