17th June 2024

What Is Linux And Linux Fundamentals with Examples

The UNIX operating system, which was developed at the AT & T Bell Labs in the late 1960s, was adopted by certain organizations throughout time and ceased to be free software; Linus Torvald, was a student at the University of Helsinki in 1991, wrote a UNIX-based operating system with many improvements/innovations and named it Linus. Linus spread over the Internet in a very short time and was developed by many programmers. In time, different organizations have developed different versions using the kernel of this operating system and the common name “Linux” has been used.



Contains GPL (Public License) Softwares

Linux can work on different platforms (Intel, Alpha, PPC, Sparc, …) with low-configuration systems

Fast development and worldwide support

Unix and Windows support

Personalization and program alternatives

Option to work in different modes

Graphics interface management

Basic Linux Commands


Gives you locate a command – the file and the path of the file that gets executed.

Basic Linux Commands which
Basic Linux Commands which



Displays single-line manual page descriptions.

Basic Linux Commands whatis
Basic Linux Commands whatis



Gives detailed usage information about the specified command.

Basic Linux Commands man
Basic Linux Commands man



Specifies the directory where the file is located.

Basic Linux Commands locate
Basic Linux Commands locate



Displays whatever input text is given to it.

Basic Linux Commands echo
Basic Linux Commands echo


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