20th July 2024

“A required disk image was missing.” Error and Solution – Deploy Error – VMware

The error was received while deploying Cisco Wireless Controller .OVA file to our VMware (ESXi 6.7) environment is as follows. While we have always successfully performed these operations on ESXi 6.0, we used ESXi version 6.7 for a new location. We encountered the following error during vWLC ova import. After proceeding with the “Finish” button on this screen, the virtual machine is created. However, the VMDK file is not available on the datastore. Therefore, the boot process does not occur.

A required disk image was missing.
A required disk image was missing.


Resolving “A required disk image was missing.” Error

We can provide the solution by installing the old version ESXi version. But it is always better to go with the updated version. We will be adding ova/ovf file types to our virtualization environment via command line by using the “VMware OVF Tool for Windows” application. You can access the relevant application from the link below.


After the installation, we open the command line and go to the directory where the installation was made. We can start our process by using the following command.

“datastore1” – It tells which disk unit we will deploy in our virtualization environment.

D:AIR-CTVM-K9-8-0-152-0.ova – Let’s specify where our ova file is located.

vi://172.27.x.x – Let’s enter the ip address of our virtualization environment.

ovftool.exe –acceptAllEulas -ds=”datastore1″ –net:”VM Network”=”VM Network” D:AIR-CTVM-K9-8-0-152-0.ova vi://
Resolving "A required disk image was missing." Error
Resolving “A required disk image was missing.” Error


Finally, after executing the command, you will be asked to enter the access information of our virtualization environment. After successful completion, the transfer process takes place. After the process is completed, a virtual machine will be created in the virtualization environment with the name VMDK.

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