21st June 2024

Error Connecting to Server/Client via Centrify PAM – RDP Error 0x20014/RDP Error 0x20009

The “RDP error 0x20014/RDP error 0x20009” error occurred when we were going to connect to the system via Centrify PAM(Privileged Access Management). We investigated this error and found what the error was. The solution to the error is as follows.

rdp error 0x20014
RDP error 0x20014
RDP error 0x20009
RDP error 0x20009


Solving the error “RDP error 0x20014/RDP error 0x20009”

We use Vaults in our company. For this reason, passwords from Vaults sometimes do not synchronize. The RDP/SSH connection also gives an error because the password of a user whose password has not changed on Centrify PAM. Log in after checking the user’s password you will connect to on Centrify PAM. If the password is correct, you will be logged in.


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