22nd May 2024

Vulnerability for MAC OS CVE-2022-22674 and CVE-2022-22675

A new vulnerability in Mac OS has been detected. It is important that the affected operating systems are upgraded to Mac OS Monterrey version 12.3.1 on MAC creeps. In addition, since the vulnerability allows one to read the kernel memory and the other to run applications with kernel rights, the detection of processes at the kernel level can be a problem.

Affected Systems

Your Mac OS System.


In this regard, we present our importance to ensure that Mac OS users are updated.

For macOS Monterey update, it can be downloaded from System Settings > c.

Software Update
Software Update



Note: Those with a CVSS 3.1 score of 7.0-8.9 out of 10 are considered “high”, and those with 9.0-10.0 are considered “critical” vulnerabilities.


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