23rd May 2024

What is Oracle VirtualBox and How To Use It?

VirtualBox is virtualization software for x86 / x64 architectures created by German Innotek GmbH. Developed by Oracle Corporation. With this application, it is possible to install additional operating systems known as “Guest Systems” in another operating system “Host”, each of which has separate resources. VirtualBox; It allows the operating system to be used on another operating system virtually by imitating software such as video card and processor.

Operating systems supported by host mode include “GNU / Linux, Mac OS X, Operating system / 2 Warp, Microsoft Windows and Solaris / OpenSolaris”. It is possible to virtualize operating FreeBSD, GNU / Linux, OpenBSD, OS / Windows, Solaris, MS-DOS systems.

What does Oracle VirtualBox?

VirtualBox can be downloaded for many reasons, depending on the user’s needs and intended use. But the most important advantages of virtual machines are that they provide great security. Because the software that uses the resources provided by the virtual machine cannot go out of the virtual environment it is in. Operations on the virtual operating system do not cause a change in the host, as if it were done on a different computer. In this way, when a virus or dangerous software is infected into the virtual machine, the host is not affected.

The application was first offered under a special software license, but in January 2017, VirtualBox OSE (Open source version) appeared under the GPL 2 license. There is a special version of Oracle VirtualBox, which is free only for personal or evaluation use.

VirtualBox offers good functionality such as the remote operation of virtual machines over Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), ISCSI support. These features are not available in the free version.

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It can emulate hardware, the hard disks of guest systems are stored on host systems under a proprietary extension called VDI or VDI that is incompatible with other virtualization software. It installs ISO images as an optical virtual CD or DVD drives.

Oracle VirtualBox
Oracle VirtualBox

Where VirtualBox doesn’t work

Games are in an area where virtual machines do not work. To get the gaming experience you want, you will need real GPU, CPU, RAM, especially if you are playing games with many sources like Crysis. It doesn’t work in audio and video editing because it’s because you don’t want a virtual layer between the app and the hardware.

System requirements

It uses a portion of the host’s RAM and video memory to create a virtual disk and emulate another system that a virtual machine does. The more systems we want to run simultaneously, the more hardware the host system needs for the virtual machine to do its job.

VirtualBox IDE, SATA, SCDI hard drives, a wide variety of network cards, sound cards, parallel ports, etc. it is compatible with various devices. It provides the full-screen 3D acceleration, file sharing, network configuration and more.

It is available in a special version, which is free under the VirtualBox Personal Use and Assessment License, as well as the Open Source version under the GPL (General Public License).

Minimum Hardware Requirements

512 MB of RAM.
2600 MHz intel / AMD operator.
5 Gb free hard disk.

The following operating systems can be installed with VirtualBox

GNU / Linux
Mac OS X
Microsoft Windows
MS-DOS, FreeBSD, Android etc.
Solaris / OpenSolaris
OS / 2

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