14th May 2024

DHCP Configuration on Huawei Switch

In this article, I will briefly show how to activate Dhcp on our Huawei device.  After connecting to the CLI via console,  we type the commands below. These settings will be active on Vlan 1 (Default).  Our device will start with  and distribute IP addresses within the range allowed by our /16 subnet mask. We have a large pool of IP addresses 65534. If you want to shrink the range you can change IP block.

<Quidway> system-view
[Quidway] dhcp enable
[Quidway] interface vlanif 1
[Quidway-Vlanif1] ip address
[Quidway-Vlanif1] dhcp select global
Huawei Switch
Huawei Switch


Static IP

If you want to assign a static IP for your servers or special devices (fax, printer, etc.), you can do this with the command below.

excluded-ip-address –

DNS address

In addition, if you want to assign a DNS address from DHCP you can do with the command below.

[Quidway-Vlanif1] dhcp server dns-list


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