23rd May 2024

“Column ‘isUnicode’ does not belong to table” Error and Solution in Thycotic PAM

Passwords can be imported into Thycotic PAM(Privileged Access/Account Management) by typing in “XML” format or manually. The following error occurs while importing passwords in Thycotic PAM.

Column 'isUnicode' does not belong to table
Column ‘isUnicode’ does not belong to table


When we look at the logs in Thycotic PAM, the detailed log is as follows.

System Log Entry
System Log Entry


Solution of “Column ‘isUnicode’ does not belong to table” error

This error occurred because the “region” settings were set to Turkish during installation. You can set the region settings to “English (United States)” in the video below.

When you try to transfer the password again after doing it, the problem will be solved.
Imported Users
Imported Users
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