5th December 2023

Mcafee TIE “Unable to reach TIE Server via DXL” Error and Solution

When I checked “Active Response Health Status” over Mcafee Epo, I noticed that there was an “Unable to reach TIE Server via DXL” error on the TIE server. To go to this error, click on the TIE server on the “Active Response Health Status” page.

TIE server error
TIE server error


When we go to “TIE Server Topology” on the “Server Settings” page, we see that there is an error in the “DXL Connection” tab. The details of the error are as follows.

Error	 	[-]
Unable to reach TIE Server via DXL.

McAfee ePO can't connect to TIE Server.

Possible cause:
- TIE Server is transitioning between operation modes. It won't connect until this process is complete. Wait a few minutes, and refresh the page to see the latest status.
- TIE Server upgrade is running. On Secondary servers, this process might involve a full database sync with the Primary server, which might take several minutes. Check /tmp/reconfig-tie.log to monitor the progress.
- No service registered on DXL Fabric for this TIE Server. Check service status on the appliance.
- No DXL brokers available for connecting McAfee ePO and TIE Server. Check connection status of DXL Client for ePO.
- Verify that DXL Topology settings and DXL Fabric are configured correctly.
Unable to reach TIE Server via DXL
Unable to reach TIE Server via DXL


The Solution of “Unable to reach TIE Server via DXL” Error

We found out what is behind this problem. Sudo or sudoer permissions were accidentally corrupted. After the sudo permissions are corrected, restart the TIE server. If the sudo permissions are correct, restart the TIE server anyway. When we reboot the TIE server with root privilege, TIE ePO ran the server task and the error was fixed. The screenshot showing that it has been corrected is as follows.

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The solution of "Unable to reach TIE Server via DXL" Error
The solution of “Unable to reach TIE Server via DXL” Error


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