19th April 2024

8-Year Samsung Galaxy S3 Updating to Android 10

While Samsung doesn’t even offer Android 10 updates to its newer phones, the Galaxy S3, which was released eight years ago, will be able to be updated to Android 10 in different ways. The developers of the operating system are working to bring Replicant 10 to the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Galaxy S3 was released about eight years ago.

Samsung s3
Samsung s3


The developers say that Replicant 10 will be faster than Replicant 6 on Galaxy S3 (i9300). The reason for this is that it renders graphics processing with hardware acceleration thanks to the Lima driver prepared with reverse engineering. Due to the structure of Replicant, Google applications are not included in the system. Moreover, since the phone has a limited RAM like 1GB, it may not run every application in the Play Store.

An important detail at this point is that the Wi-Fi chips do not work due to the use of a closed source driver. There is no information yet that these drivers will be created with reverse engineering. In case of Wi-Fi not working, those who use the ROM may have to use the mobile data connection.

While the Samsung Galaxy S3 was a successful phone for its time, it was officially upgraded to Android 4.3. Custom ROMs such as LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2) could be installed on the device. With the work of Replicant, the phone will be able to reach an even more up-to-date Android version.

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